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I’m so, so excited to introduce our newest American-owned, woman-owned vendor in the shop: Mary Square.


This company produces some of the most fun inspirational items on the market. Mary Square’s products make a gift expert like myself jump for joy because the quotes on their mugs, tumblers, notepads, and accessories are spot on. Every item I pick one up, I’m thinking “#nailedit.” You’ll love to give Mary Square to the people you love the most because they’ll feel like you “get them” too.


Why exactly does Mary Square get it? Because owner Kelly Shiley has been there — struggling and in need of inspiration. After the birth of her third child in 2010 she was hit hard with severe post-partum depression. As part of her recovery plan, Kelly created inspirational decals to help her stay focused on Scripture and keep her in a positive mind-set. As local interest in her products grew, Kelly found that she had a passion for making products that inspired others. She hired a designer and recruited her husband to help with manufacturing and shipping. As her garage filled up with product and orders started rolling in, Kelly blossomed as a mother and businesswoman and her company “ScriptureArt” flourished. In 2015, along with her partner Crystal Righton, they rebranded the company and Mary Square was born.


Today, Kelly and Crystal continue to create lasting impressions with their inspirational gift items. But, where does the Mary Square come from you must be wondering? Well both of their grandmothers were named Mary so of course these wise and strong women named their company after their own inspirations.

So stop by Cooper’s soon and check out our latest gift line. You’ll be glad you did!