12 Days of Savings 2017

November 30, 2017

December 1-12, save 20% off a selected category each day:

Fri., Dec  1 ~ Deck the House (curtains & décor)

Sat., Dec  2 ~ Christmas Items Day

Sun., Dec  3 ~ Military* & First Responders* Day

Mon., Dec  4 ~ Mugs Day

Tue., Dec  5 ~ Scarves, Gloves & Hats Day

Wed., Dec 6 ~ Food & Tabletop Day

Thu., Dec  7 ~ Teachers* & Nurses* Day

Fri., Dec  8 ~ Fragrance (scented) Day

Sat, Dec  9 ~ Jewelry Day**

Sun., Dec  10 ~ Clothing Day

Mon., Dec  11 ~ Ornaments Day

Tue., Dec 12 ~ Christmas items Day

*Valid ID  MUST be presented to receive discount. **Lizzy James & Brighton not. discounted.

You know Cooper’s loves to support our community and we have a great way of helping schools,  PTOs, charity and community groups earn money to support the amazing things they do throughout the year.

We’d love to help you schedule a shopping event where your group will earn 15% of all sales from shoppers who mention your organization at checkout. That’s right! Fifteen percent of all sales from the event will be donated to your organization.

Sunday afternoons or Thursday evenings usually work out best; however, if you have a different time in mind we’ll try to work with you.

It’s the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever plan. We’ll even provide our office as your private party room, if you’d like to offer your guests refreshments. Sound good? To find out more just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


We’re excited to announce our Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs where you can earn a $10 Cooper’s store credit reward for every $200 you spend on regularly-priced merchandise.

You don’t need to do anything! We track all your purchases through our point of sale software and when you reach $200 in full-priced sales, a coupon will automatically print on your receipt for $10. You can use this credit on anything in the store!

You can track your progress toward your loyalty reward by watching the points which will print at the bottom of each receipt. Just another way we can say ‘THANK YOU for choosing Cooper’s.’

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We all need a little more glitter in life…wouldn’t you agree? And tiaras. We definitely need more tiaras. Which is why I love to stock the My Favorite Things Collection designed by Tina Haller. This Nevada-based, woman-owned company designs beautiful, vintage look accessories with amusing expressions.

Rhinestone is the name of the game with these items that celebrate all things sisterhood. Perfect for when you need more sparkle. We stock the Birthday Girl, Queen of Everything, Bride, and World’s Best Mom tiaras. Such a fun and thoughtful gift idea!

The magnets and keychains are a great option too, as admittedly not all of us want to rock a tiara. I think my favorite is “The house was clean last week….sorry you missed it!” I love the eye-catching vintage prints Haller chooses for her designs. They’re simple and touching. She designs all of her items along with her mom and friends so My Favorite Things is a real family business — my favorite kind to support.


And the wine bottle toppers? If you’re not going to drink the bottle you might as well top it off in style. There are designs for all occasions. I’m proud to stock these unique American-made items from a woman-owned, family-run business. These keepsake items make thoughtful gifts for so many occasions. I hope you’ll stop by and check them out soon! #ifounditatcoopers #moreglitterplease


Here is a complete list of requested items for USO Food Pantry & Care Package donations. Thank you!

Care Package Items Troops: Small sizes (individual)

Baby Powder and Foot Powder

Socks (white)

Lip balm

Sun screen

Bug Spray

Coffee, individually wrapped

Tabasco Sauce sm. container

Beef jerky, peanuts individual packed


Hard candy

DVD’s: comedy and adventure

Games for Computer equipment, (WII, Xbox, PS2, Xbox360)

Toothpaste, razors and toothbrushes

Dental Floss and toothpicks

Soap and shampoo

Flip Flops Bathroom style

Tissues: (paper) and hanky’s (fabric)

Wet wipes in individual packets

Board games and playing cards

Batteries all kinds

Office supplies: Small paper pads, pencils, scotch tape and pens etc.

Duct Tape/Athletic Tape/Electrical Tape

International Phone cards (100/300 minutes)

Bathroom Bag: items individually packaged i.e. soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, squeegee, cotton swabs, etc.

Food Pantry Items to support military families:

Canned corn, green beans, beans, beef stew, chili, spaghetti, fruits etc.

Juices: apple, fruit juice, grape, orange, etc.

Boxed Juices, all kinds (G2 very popular)

Water bottles 12 – 16oz.

Pastas  (all kinds)

Sauces: tomato, dice tomatoes, tomato paste, Ragu assortments etc.

Salad dressing

Tabasco sauce hot!!!

Cookies, cake mixes and frosting mixes

Brownie mixes

Tuna fish

Dry cereal: Corn flakes, Rice and Wheat Checks, Special K, Oatmeal

Gift Shopping Cards: ie. Big Y, Stop and Shop, Walmart, etc.


Flight Snack Bags items:  military flights

Water Bottles or Boxed Juices: 12oz. or 8oz.

Snacks: Chips, Doritos, Frito’s, Cheese Curls, individual size etc.

Hard Candy



Granola bars

Breakfast Bars

Pen and paper, light reading material

One Gallon: Zip-lock bags.

Decks of cards

Writing material, pads


Care Packages Children: While they wait for returning hero these are wonderful.

Water bottles: Juice boxes: 8oz. size

Coloring Books

Crayons Small package

Small game items

Stuffed Animals (warm and cuddly)

Kids candy, granola bars, healthy snacks

Jump rope,

Kids Dolls, Boys and girls

2.5 gallon clean Zip lock bags


Care Packages K-9 Units: This group requires regular military personnel care items but with additions for our military dogs.

K9 Cooling Collars (Summer Months)

K9 Warming Mats (Winter Months)

K9 Boots, Medium and Large (all Year)

K9 Doggles (all Year)

Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls

Kong 3” rubber balls

Large Rope Chews

K9 Nail clippers

K9 Beds or Sleeping Mats

K9 Blankets

K9 Toothpaste and toothbrush

K9 Eye Drops

K9 Ear Wash

K9 Advantix, Flea and tic Treatment

K9 Slaves for paws /noses

Towels to wipe paws

True chews Chicken Jerky

True chews Beef Bully sticks 

K9 Treats made in USA only


It’s hard to find a more quintessential Americana item in our shop than the canvas prints we carry from the Darren Gygi Home Collection.

Darren Gygi is an American artist who produces simple statement prints in his studio in Utah. The boxed canvas prints we sell in the shop are a perfect compliment to any decor. I love that the paintings come ready to hang — no frame or special attachment required. The simplicity of the artwork with its signature text label is universally recognized.

According to darrengygihomecollection.com Darren spent most of his class time doodling in the margins and drawing in the pages of his notebooks. After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1996, he began a career as a freelance illustrator. This rigorous endeavor became his real education as the artist created award-winning artwork for publishers, corporations, and private collectors, all within the constraints of strict deadlines. Over the ensuing years, Gygi developed and expanded his fine art offerings to include a wide scope of subjects, styles, and markets, ranging from commissioned, high-end, traditional portraiture to fine art figurative gallery artwork to the highest quality home decor artwork line.

After digitally capturing the artwork, the high-resolution file is put to use as giclee prints are reproduced onto high quality canvas. These canvas prints are then prepared for gallery-wrapping (where the artwork wraps around the outside of a frame). From the beginning, Gygi developed a new style of gallery-wrapping that ensures a tight and accurate “wrap” over a solid wooden frame–– made from genuine knotty alder wood. The unique, solid nature of Gygi’s frames gives the artwork a permanence and durability that is striking. What’s more, this entire “wrapping” process is executed without a single staple, peg, or nail––a seamless and cutting-edge approach on which the artist has a patent pending.

These classic paintings are so carefully constructed they are real heirloom quality pieces of art work that can be handed down through generations. We hope you’ll stop by soon to see for yourself and help us support this American artist. #darrengygi #ifounditatcoopers


I’m so, so excited to introduce our newest American-owned, woman-owned vendor in the shop: Mary Square.


This company produces some of the most fun inspirational items on the market. Mary Square’s products make a gift expert like myself jump for joy because the quotes on their mugs, tumblers, notepads, and accessories are spot on. Every item I pick one up, I’m thinking “#nailedit.” You’ll love to give Mary Square to the people you love the most because they’ll feel like you “get them” too.


Why exactly does Mary Square get it? Because owner Kelly Shiley has been there — struggling and in need of inspiration. After the birth of her third child in 2010 she was hit hard with severe post-partum depression. As part of her recovery plan, Kelly created inspirational decals to help her stay focused on Scripture and keep her in a positive mind-set. As local interest in her products grew, Kelly found that she had a passion for making products that inspired others. She hired a designer and recruited her husband to help with manufacturing and shipping. As her garage filled up with product and orders started rolling in, Kelly blossomed as a mother and businesswoman and her company “ScriptureArt” flourished. In 2015, along with her partner Crystal Righton, they rebranded the company and Mary Square was born.


Today, Kelly and Crystal continue to create lasting impressions with their inspirational gift items. But, where does the Mary Square come from you must be wondering? Well both of their grandmothers were named Mary so of course these wise and strong women named their company after their own inspirations.

So stop by Cooper’s soon and check out our latest gift line. You’ll be glad you did!

Step into Abella’s and you can’t help but feel like “it’s all about you”. This beautiful space feels luxurious, serene and intimate. Jennifer has created a haven that I cannot wait to escape to again and again. My life is always moving at top-speed; we have 4 kids and 2 businesses, it’s crazy. So far, I’ve enjoyed pedicures, brow waxes and a set of eyelashes that I enjoyed far more than I anticipated, more on that later. The ladies of Abella’s have always been so accommodating when I call trying to squeeze in a quick brow clean up, or a pedicure on short notice.

My favorite treat is a pedicure, and Abella’s is top-notch. You can have a room all to yourself, or get your toes done side-by-side with a girlfriend; either way, the surroundings are sumptuous. I was impressed with the extra steps taken for my sanitary protection; even the abrasive sticker on the pedi file was removable and replaced with a fresh one time use, just for me. I was asked which essence I wanted to scent the water with, that was actually an extra anti-bacterial procedure disguised as my selected fragrance. The chair massager hit all the right spots and lulled me into a deliriously relaxed state while my feet were smoothed, buffed, moisturized and expertly polished.

Jennifer is the Queen of Eyelashes, absolutely nobody does it better. It was a fabulous experience, and so relaxing. I couldn’t believe that I actually fell sound asleep while she worked. I was not blessed with thick or long natural lashes, and I was surprised by how feminine, and…flirty it felt to have them!

Next on my wish list is a facial and a gel manicure. If you cannot find me, check Abella’s. It’s dangerously close to my office, right here in Cooper’s Commons, 159 Main Street, Agawam. I would like a week-long staycation right there, please. Book your escape by calling Abella’s Skin, Lash & Nail Boutique (413) 363-9148. Enjoy!

Stepping into Country View Primitives is like stepping back to a simpler time. Tanya has created such a warm and inviting space; with surprises and delights in every nook and cranny. It’s a wonderful mix of time-loved antiques and hand-crafted items so different than what you find anywhere else! She herself, is uniquely talented in making anything she sets out to do, and has an impressive group of crafters and makers that round out the offerings. She scours the market, picking treasures at flea markets and antique fairs. Mixing them into her shop with all of the goodies she makes, allows customers to envision the uses and possibilities in their own homes.

I love this quote, it sums up what you get when you buy something hand-made. “When you buy from a hand maker, you are buying more than just an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You aren’t just buying a thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a part of a soul, a moment of someone’s life. Most importantly, you are buying the artist more time to do something that they are passionate about.” -unknown.

Talent runs deep in the family, and her 8 year old son, Ayden, has taken over a growing corner of the shop for his own selection of antique pickin’s, candles and signs. My personal favorite is his Orange scent, that smells like you could just take a big, juicy bite out of the candle! Ayden is an old soul in a young boys body. He is delightful to talk to and very knowledgeable, beyond his young years, of historical facts and figures. He’s even been written up in Go Local magazine for his interests in all things old.

I’ll be going back over soon, because a certain dainty tea cup has been stuck in my brain. It will be perfect for a special someone that has moved away and I don’t get to share a spot of tea with her as often as I’d like to anymore. Special things for special occasions and special people that you love. That’s what Country View Primitives has. I highly recommend the short walk across the parking lot, the next time you visit Cooper’s. Tell Tanya (and Ayden) we sent you!

Cooper's Construction 1973

Cooper’s Construction 1973

Cooper’s has been “Green” since before “Green” was a thing.

As you probably know, I am a second generation business owner. My Dad was an incredible visionary. He dreamed of having a gift shop that would be a good added attraction to his furniture store. He had an affinity for old barns, so he sketched out his ideas and had an architect draw up the plans. Then he bought 2 tobacco sheds from town, dismantled them and brought all the lumber to this site. He built this awesome building from 80% recycled materials in 1973, long before that sort of thing was “in.”

We try to carry on the tradition my dad started by reducing, reusing, and recycle as much as possible. Instead of purchasing displays, we proudly continue to use the antiques my dad collected to highlight our wares. Anyone who works in receiving knows how much packaging material comes with each shipment; however, we recycle as much cardboard as possible. We’re proud of supporting American businesses and buy locally as much as possible. We use recyclable paper bags and gift wrap instead of plastic or coated. And we’re always looking for new ways to be responsible to the environment. I like to think we’re making my dad proud. #shoplocal #livelocal #lovetheearth

Cooper's today

Cooper’s today