Many of my favorite items in the shop are the ones made right here in the USA. I love to support American manufacturers. Bonus points if the items was made here in New England. So I’m very proud of our new display at the front of the shop highlighting some of our American made products:


Some our Massachusetts proud products of course include Yankee Candles from South Deerfield:





Kringle Candles from Bernardston:



And our curtains from A. L. Ellis have been manufactured in Fall River, MA for five generations:


Dune Jewelry — the unique beach sand jewelry — is based in Boston:


Our line of Mangiacotti plant-based personal care products hail from Attleboro:


We also carry products made in the USA that help us celebrate our townie pride, like the Westerwald Pottery from Scenery Lane, PA and Paint the Town signs from right here in Three Rivers, MA:


The town glassware is manufactured by Susquehanna Glass in Columbia, PA:


The Bread & Bun Warmers by Seneca Ceramics come out of Phelps, NY:

All of our Barnett Products chair pads from come from Macon, GA:


We’re proud to support artist Darren Gygi who creates his box signs in Utah:




The Silver Forest jewelry is made in Bellows Falls, VT:


I’d love to add even more American made items to our inventory. In fact, I’d like to take it hyper local and add some new items from right here in Western Mass. Do you know of a local artist, designer, craftsperson or maker who whose product might be a good fit for Cooper’s? Please encourage him or her to send us an email at with some photos and descriptions of their items. If we see something that looks like a fit, we’ll give them a call. We’d love to offer some more products locally made so let us know your talent. #buylocal #supportyourown