Tom and I became friends 15+ years ago when I was first tipped off about his creative talent as a florist. At the time, he was located just a mile from Cooper’s. He instantly became my florist of choice because he did flowers like nothing I had ever seen before! I think we also connected as we are both artistic and visually driven by all things beautiful.

In 2012, I was surprised and delighted when Tom told me that he was looking to downsize from the house that his business was in, and he asked if I had room for him within Cooper’s. Even though I had no idea where I would put him, I blurted out “yes!”  I knew that the marriage of our two businesses would be a match made in Heaven.

Tom, and his sidekick Barbara Ann, took our 400 square foot stockroom and transformed it into the most incredibly inspiring flower boutique you can imagine. And now, I can’t imagine Cooper’s without Floral Concepts by Tom. He has been such a resource for display ideas and visual merchandising that Cooper’s found a whole new ka-pow in how the store looks and feels.


Tom is a wealth of knowledge on so many levels that have made him an expert in all things floral and plants. In collaboration with Cooper’s, Tom has held workshops and seminars on mini fairy gardens, terrariums, gardening and more.

Many Cooper’s customers walk into our shop through the flower shop, just because it makes you feel so good! I am constantly asking them what is this? What is that? He has variations on flowers that I’ve never heard of, let alone seen. They build them into masterpieces that they create for every occasion. Whether you need a $10 pick me up for a friend who’s having a hard time, an arrangement to express your condolences or a full-blown, white gown, 400 guests wedding. Trust me, this is the place. Call Tom (413)786-2622, or even better..stop in his shop for a big dose of inspiration.