earrings-perspective-sandjewelheartYou know that feeling you get at the end of a really great beach vacation? When you know you have to say goodbye and you won’t be able to walk on the sand tomorrow. And you wish you could take just a little bit of the beach home with you? Well one of my favorite Massachusetts-based and woman-owned businesses has made it possible to do just that.

Boston-based Dune Jewelry, the “Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company” has an amazing line of jewelry with each piece containing a bit of sand from your favorite beach. How do they know which is your favorite? It doesn’t really matter, because they’ve got a sandbank at their headquarters that contains sand from over 3,000 locations around the world.

Actually, it’s not just beach sand you can incorporate into the jewelry. According to the company’s website:

We use sand (and other materials) from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, mountaintop, golf course and more to create a unique line of collectible jewelry that captures your favorite memories. 

Our patented fine jewelry designs are handcrafted in our studio by talented artisans who incorporate the highest quality materials from around the globe. Let us take your tangible pieces of a moment, a memory or a destination and incorporate them into artisan-crafted, fine jewelry that can last forever.

You can even send the company a sample of sand from your favorite location and they will custom make a piece for you! How’s that for amazing? I had this bar necklace made for my Hometown Hero, Pamela Murphy (you can read our story here) filled with sand from the beach where our astonishing story took place:

The rock and beach sand necklace we gave to Pam

The rock and beach sand necklace we gave to Pam

Dune Jewelry makes bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. There are so many styles to chose from — a Dune piece makes for such a personal gift for any occasion. Our bestsellers are pieces that contain sand from Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Fenway Park.

The company was founded by Holly Daniels Christensen who is originally from Cape Cod. She started making sand jewelry as gifts in 2007 and the concept was so successful that she started Dune in 2010. The company is now based in Boston.

Another reason to love Dune? A portion of each purchase goes to support coastal preservation. Making sure our favorite beaches may be enjoyed for a long time to come. I know many of my family’s best memories have taken place at Cape Cod. We definitely don’t get to spend enough time there! But with Dune jewelry your best beach memories are never far away.

So stop in the store today and take home a tiny piece of paradise. Then you’ll never have to leave the beach behind. May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes…can we go to the beach right now?