communition-msmhI love to support companies that give back to the community — you’ll find many such items throughout the store. One of the most generous of these is the My Saint My Hero Inspirational Jewelry & Accessories. This company is so committed to helping women rise above their circumstances that they created a woven jewelry line of blessings bracelets to empower the women of Medjugorge, a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These particular blessings bracelets were inspired by the company owners’ 2010 pilgrimage to the town of Medjugorje, a place that has been called “heaven on earth.” Similar to a prayer shawl, women there create hand-woven “prayer” bracelets — where they say a prayer for the recipient with each knot they weave.

According to the company: The Mission of My Saint My Hero is to transform the world one life at a time through the experience of being blessed and sharing that blessing with others. With your purchases, you are empowering women of Medjugorje through meaningful work – helping them rise above war-torn poverty with the dignity of their beautiful trade.

You can learn about these women here. My Saint My Hero also gives back locally. In a BIG way. The Los Angeles-based company contributes to over ten different US-based charities.

According to the company all of their pieces are crafted in love and prayer: “Our wearable blessings empower women through meaningful work. Our prayer is that these pieces help awaken souls to live in the presence of God and know I am true, I am good, I am beautiful, I am blessed.”

We currently stock blessing bracelets, remembrance bracelets, and bracelets celebrating First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The woven bands are a beautiful statement piece on their own or look beautiful when combined with other jewelry. They’re lightweight and secure — perfect for even a child to wear.

I especially love the Breathe bracelet which reminds us, “In time of need, run your fingers along the simple string; grasp the medal and breathe. By simply focusing our attention on taking a breath and linking that breath to God, we can dispel chaos and go back to our spiritual roots.”

How can you not love a company who’s logo is a shield to signify their commitment to battle against today’s culture. I think we all need a break today from the craziness of the world from time to time. So come visit us here at Cooper’s soon and let us help you remember to breathe and that you are good, you are beautiful, and you are blessed.