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"Threads"  by Judith Cosby

"Threads" by Judith Cosby

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Sunlight filtering through a stained-glass window and the gentle words of the priest’s sermon in her ear, a young Judith Cosby realized that life wasn’t just a random string of people and events. Instead, her eyes were opened to the existence of threads — mysterious and deliberate connections that weave the unique and brilliant tapestry of an individual’s life. As a daughter, wife, and mother, Judith recognizes all the wonderful moments that abound in her daily life. She faces the difficulties of illness and death, but with the awareness that every connection and interaction has a purpose. Her spirit pulses with resounding strength, fortitude, and a belief that challenges are placed before us not to crush, but to empower. THREADS is a masterful memoir of a journey of self-awareness inspired by a promise Judith made to her thirteen-year-old self. Full of a love of life and strong spiritual belief, she embraces all of life’s lessons, each represented by a specific thread. Using humor and candor, her stories are filled with messages of faith, hope and love. THREADS shares the personal threads of one woman’s life, in hopes that others will begin to see the glorious weave of their own life. Within this blank cloth of infinite possibilities may they realize the power they have to stitch the essence they want into existence.