How To Create Your Haven

How To Create Your Haven

Your home should be more than just somewhere to live. It should also be a retreat — a place in which you feel relaxed, nurtured and cared for. You should always have that “…ahhh, I’m HOME” feeling when you walk in the door. However, sometimes coming home can even cause stress, confronting us with reminders of things to do as soon as we step through the door. How can we create a haven; your sanctuary, a place of refuge? Try these mood-enhancing, decorating ideas and housekeeping tips to add comfort and coziness to your haven.

KEEP IT PERSONAL. Celebrate the relationships within your home. Do this with lots of picture frames to showcase your loved ones. Add signs too; they can be motivational, inspirational, sentimental or humorous.

I’ve always loved the Willow Tree collection of figurines. I actually created our family in Willow Tree form on our mantle in the living room (shown below). They’ve really expanded the offerings, even including dogs and cats now, to be sure all family members can be represented.

Left to right: Myself, our daughter, Elizabeth, my husband, Bob with Matthew, Robert and Raymond:


Here are some tips on how to create your family grouping:

WORK WITH THE SEASONS In the cold weather months, you want to add layers and textures; think cozy soft afghans, abundant pillows, rugs, chair pads, even draft dodgers. Longer, lined window treatments that will help to keep the heat in and the chilly drafts out. (we have a great selection of those!)



LIGHTING Good lighting is a must, and layered lighting makes a huge difference. Besides general  lighting, look for unusual and interesting overhead lights, lamps and don’t forget about ambient lighting. Nightlights, twinkle lights, candles and the new generation of battery powered pillar candles make adding the warmth of candle light easy and safe.



PLAY TO THE SENSES Be sure to think about sounds and smells, too. Background music, or even the babble of the television can be comforting. Light a candle, or find a flame-free alternative to scent your home. We love our Habersham Wax Pottery that’s beautiful, smells delicious and completely safe.


Don’t stress about decorating, use what you love and what speaks to you. Try shopping what you already have and move it around to new spots. We love to decorate, and we would love to help. Bring us your pictures, measurements, paint chips, fabric swatches and anything else you can. We will help you create your own personal sanctuary!

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