USO Wish List

USO Care Package and Food Pantry Lists:

Our military spoke … and we listened! Here is a list of what they have requested-

Care package items- small, individual sizes preferred:
 Baby Powder and Foot Powder
 Socks (white)
 Lip balm, and Sun screen lotions, Bug Spray
 Coffee, individually wrapped
 Tabasco Sauce
 Beef jerky, peanuts individual packed
 Pringles, Hard candy
 DVD's: comedy and adventures.
 Video games:(WII, Xbox, PS2, Xbox360)
 Toothpaste and toothbrushes, razors
 Dental Floss and toothpicks
 Soap and shampoo
 Flip Flops Bathroom style
 Tissues and cloth hankies
 Wet wipes in individual packets.
 Board games and playing cards,
 Batteries all kinds
 Office supplies: Small paper pads, pencils, scotch tape and pens etc.
 Duct tape/Athletic tape/Electrical tape
 International Phone cards, (100/300 minutes)
 Items to stock USO logo camo bag. Items should include soap, shampoo,
toothpaste, tooth brush, squeegee, cotton swabs, etc.
Food Pantry
While a loved one is deployed, the USO will help to make sure the family is fed. Family member with a military ID is entitled to visit the USO Food Pantry A military ID and a means of getting to the USO Office located on Westover Air Reserve base is all that is required.
Donation items requested:
 Can goods: Corn, potatoes, green beans, beans, beef stew, Chili, spaghetti, fruits
 Bottled or box juices: apple, 100% fruit juice, grape, orange, etc.
 Water bottles 12oz.-16oz.
 Pasta, rice, crackers
 Sauces: tomato, dice tomatoes, tomato paste, spaghetti (ex: Ragu)
 Salad dressing, Tabasco sauce, condiments, maple syrup
 Cookies, Cake mixes and frosting, brownies, muffins, pancake mix
 Tuna fish, corned beef hash, canned chicken
 Cereal: all types and brands including oatmeal
 Paper towels, toilet tissue and female hygiene products
 Gift Shopping Cards: ie. Big Y, Stop and Shop, Walmart, etc.

Flight Snack Bags for military flights
 Water Bottles or Boxed Juices: 12oz. or 8oz.
 Snacks: Chips, Doritos, Frito’s, Cheese Curls, Peanuts (individual size)
 Hard Candy
 Cookies, Granola bars, breakfast bars
 Pen and paper, light reading material, Playing cards
 Zip-lock bags 1gallon size

Care Packages Children of those deployed
 Coloring Books and crayons, books, puzzles and games, jump ropes
 Stuffed Animals (warm and cuddly)
 Dolls, Super-hero figures

Care Packages K-9 Units
 K9 Cooling Collars (Summer Months)
 K9 Warming Mats (Winter Months)
 K9 Boots, Medium and Large (all Year)
 K9 Doggles (all Year)
 K9 Nail clippers
 K9 Beds or Sleeping Mats and blankets
 K9 Toothpaste and toothbrush
 K9 Eye Drops and Ear Wash
 K9 Advantix, Flea and tic Treatment
 K9 Slaves for paws /noses
 Towels to wipe paws
 True chews Chicken Jerky, Beef Bully Stickes
 K9 Treats made in USA only
 Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls
 Kong 3” rubber balls
 Large Rope Chews

With your help … the USO strengthens America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home and country throughout their service to our nation.


Any questions? Please contact the Pioneer Valley USO Office: 413-557-3290 Cell: 413-313-5695