With so many worthwhile local charities in need right now, we knew there had to be a way we could help! The “Round Up” program is Cooper’s way of giving back. Each month we choose a local charity to to receive the proceeds of the Round Up program through which customers are invited to round up their purchase total to the next dollar amount. Kate Gourde, owner of Cooper’s, then matches 50% of the total collected.

Over $50,000 has been raised since the program’s inception in 2014. We are always looking for nominations of worthwhile local charities to be the recipients of the funds raised.

Here’s how it works:
Any non-profit (501c3) charity can apply to be included in our Round Up by emailing the following to

1) Name of Charity and Contact Info
2) Confirmation of 501c3 status
3) Brief overview of the charity’s mission

For the months where we have more than one suggestion, we will publish a poll on our Facebook page with the names of suggested charities. Our Facebook followers will vote on which charity will be sponsored in our Round Up the following month.

All month customers are asked at checkout if they’d like to round up to the nearest dollar. Cooper’s then matches 50% of each customer’s donation. At the end of the month a check is presented to the charity.

We know there is a great amount of need right now but we also know there is a greater amount of generosity. Spread the word to your favorite charities and trot over to our Facebook page and “Like” us so you can round up some votes!

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